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    Hi All

    Since jumping back to the treo line from my kjam I am now finding it hard to find capable games for use with our screen.

    So what are the best people have found?

    I did always like zap from the 600 but never did find an alternative.

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    there are plenty of games capatible for our little screens. top two games are tetris and bejeweled. there are some astraware games and pda mill games. let me know if your interested.
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    I also have Dynomite and Solitaire. Dynomite came with the Treo.
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    Just the thread I was looking for!

    For me, Bejeweled freezes and forces a soft reset every time I use any of the menus. Bejeweled2 works, but the scaling is horrible.

    Kevtris by Kevin Hsu is good. So is S-Tris2 by elementsgames.

    Invaders by Implicitsoftware works.

    Bubblebreaker, Solitaire, and Cubis that all came with my 700wx work, although I have to confess that I don't "understand" how to play Cubis.

    Smoresoft Sudoku appears to work.
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