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    I just ordered the VZ 700w to replace my 700p. I did a search and did not find my answer. What are the steps to transfer data/apps etc from the P to the W?
    I use Palm desktop, not outlook. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    you must use outlook...or face a serious comedy of errors.

    on a side note, I cannot believe people are still buying the W - are you locked into VZW or is Sprint coverage cr@p in your area?
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    Re-install hotsync to set it up to sync with OUTLOOK instead of PALM DESKTOP when it asks. Thats it
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    Yes sprint coverage is horrible in my area. So I am stuck the the W.
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    The W is fine as long as you're not a poweruser. I think Verizon will be getting the WX in December so if you can wait a few months...
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    sorry for the elementary question, but how do you re-install hotsync so I can use outlook instead of palm? Thanks for helping!
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    Uninstall, then insert CD that came with the phone
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    will this transfer allow my to do list and memos to go from palm to windows also??

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