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    I am having an issue w/ Exchange Activesync. I cannot sync w/o any problems OTA w/ Exchange Activesync, but it will not sync w/ Exchange when connected to the Activesync app on my computer. I am not why it will not since I have operated for over six months w/o any problems syncing.

    This is what I have done to try to correct the problem:

    1) Made sure that there was not an VPN connections active
    2) Turned off the Windows Firewall just to make sure it was not interfering
    3) Try it both while connected to my companies internal network and at home off of the company network
    4) Disabled anti-virus software

    The error code I am receiving is 85020003, but all that I can find about it is that it means the connection timed out.

    When setting up the server sync through Activesync on my computer it initially logs in and lets me choose my settings w/o any problems. However, when it actually tries to sync it will not work.

    Any idea on why this will work OTA, but not through the Activesync app?

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