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    I am a longtime PPC user and first time poster. I received my 700wx two weeks ago and love it when it is working. After 7 days, I received my first dreaded "cprog.exe" error message. This error does not allow your phone application to start (or use contacts or calendar) and the error cannot be undone without a hard reset. I did a hard reset and reinstalled the bare minimum no. of applications I needed... all of which are known to work with this device and windows mobile 5.0 (e.g., GSPlayer, SPB Pocket Plus, SPB Back-up, Ewallet, MemMaid). Even with my limited programs installed, one week later (e.g., today) I received the cprog.exe error again (and hard reset again).

    I requested a new phone today and its on the way. I am now nervous that my new device will have the same problem.

    I have seen a couple of other threads about the cprog.exe error, but overall the information pool seems somewhat limited. For you longer term users of the 700wx and 700w should I:

    1. Likley attribute this to a bad apple and hope that my new device will remedy the problem.

    2. Accept that windows mobile 5.0 is very buggy and that I may need to hard reset every week or whenever this error occurs.

    3. By the way -- is everyone getting this error or just some or very few?

    4. Attribute this problem to my installed software -- and, if so, any suggestions as to which one to eliminate.

    5. Anyone figure out anyway to cope with this error message short of a hard reset.

    [Note: a hard reset and back-up restore does not seem to resolve this error message. You need to do a hard reset and then restore each application one by one.]

    Thanks much for your thoughts.
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    I have not had that error at all, knock on wood... and I haven't heard of any other usera having it either actually, on the 700wx I mean.

    Although I don't have any of the programs you have, I do have a gppd share of them. I guess it could be the programs, but I'm not 100%sure. Hard reset and install 1 program every few days to see if any of them, or the combo is the issue.

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