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    Anyone use Google SMS on their Treo 700wx?

    I used to use it on my 650 (also Sprint) and it worked fine.

    I can send SMS messages to other people fine on my 700wx. But when I send a txt message to Google txt "46645", Google sends back "Sorry 'xn#!$' did not return any results." or something similar.

    No matter what I type in, like "stock SAI" where normally it would send the stock quote back, it would get translated to some other garbage text string.

    Very odd. Could perhaps someone that has a 700wx, try this and let me know if it works for them? Thanks!

    Instructions for Google SMS here:

    - Mac
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    I can confirm same issue. another google conspiracy?
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    It used to work.

    It started to fail - that is, retuen jibberish - at the same time the T-mobile/Verizon problem first appeared.

    I used to use it all the time.

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    I Was gonna say probably related to the other sms issues that have been going on:
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    yeah, this has got to be related to the Sprint sms fiasco that's been going on now for several weeks. It also garbles up AIM forwarding the same way.
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    Strange. I get legitimate results back on my Sprint 6700. ?
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    yeah, so it appears that Sprint made a server change that hosed us 700wx users. Why they haven't backed out the change is beyond me. I guess they figure that pissing off the 700wx users was less important to them than whatever they got out of the change.
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    An interesting thing about the Google SMS error reveals something about the Sprint issue -- the jibberish Google returns is not random.

    If you send, for example, "pizza 22101" it will always say that no results based on the same "" jibberish string.

    I have a ticket open on this, too.

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