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    How can I stop that from happening?
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    How can I stop that from happening?
    Explain further please - disappear from where?

    Normally, that's what delete means - make it disappear. My understanding is each location maintains it's own deleted items folder...
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    I have two POP accounts that I check mail on my Treo. The email function works fine until I turn on my computer and download all the mail. Once I've downloaded all the email, the treo's inbox becomes empty without me deleting anything.

    I'd rather the email stay on the treo until I delete from the Treo. Currently the emails from the Treo are being deleted automatically when the email is being purged from the server.
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    I think you must have your inbox on your Treo set to sync with the server rather than saving a copy on your Treo. Every time you check mail, your Treo syncs and deletes any messages that are no longer on the server rather than keeping them.
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    How do I change this setting?

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