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    See the link below for a pretty cool story about Fox using Treos to stream live video from the NYC plane crash earlier this week.


    The Treo 700 used by Fox is equipped with software called CometVision ( The software apparently allows you to shoot video on your PPC and send a link via email so the recipient(s) can remotely connect to your live video stream. Anyone using this program? If so, post your impressions.

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    Link is bad, but sounds really really cool!
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    Is not bad. Just remove the ending " ) " and your done.
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    #4 also offer this kind of service, but to us, it is even a better choice.

    Its 100% free(For now anyway). It broadcasts live on your personal comvu blog (no need to send out invitations, users just need to get into your blog) and quality is adjustable so you can broadcast via either 1x speeds(yeah, upload on ev-do is still 1x) and WiFi, in the latter case producing amazing picture quality for such a mobile/portable setup.

    I was at a club the other day and was broadcasting live for friend who lives hundreds of miles away. He was absolutely amazed with it. Give it a try! I' m surprised not a lot of people talk about comvu.

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