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    Posted the following on SprintUsers, but I have not received any response. Please help.

    I've setup my PCS mail account using the directions in the online user manual. I can connect but cannot logon. I've checked my vision username and password, they are ok. I've even changed my vision password (have web access but no mail access). No luck loging on. On my desktop, in my web brower tried loging on at the site. I get the Invalid username/password error.

    I do not see myself using the mail feature heavly, but I like to have a mail account for emergencies. I got two questions:

    1. How do I fix my mail?
    2. How do I delete my mail account on my phone only?
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    Better call Sprint Tier 2 tech support. Their direct number is 866-588-9907. Something may be messed up with your pop access or your email account.
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    I have the same problem.. I couldnt get to sprint mail via outlook.
    I dont know why either. Works fine with web mail.

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