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    Just wondering...
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    Yes, the paper comes out of teh SD card slot.

    Well, actually, there is a scanner/web program (can't remember the name) whereby you can take a photo of a whiteboard/poster , and submit it via a website, and it will be converted to words and stuff. As for receiving faxes, maybe there's a mobile version of WinFax?
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    Yea I'm thinking of something along the lines of Winfax... the application
    ... upon receiving a call via your cell phone number, the app answers and receives the fax turn you get a PDF in which you can view via PDF viewer or email it to another address.

    I'm shocked no one has programmed such app... seems like it should be possible
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    There is such apps. One is KSE TrueFax. However, CDMA phones don't have an analog line/modem so this will not work. This app is made for some GSM PPC that have this capability. I think the only solution for CDMA is to use

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