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    Hi, I'm pretty new to WM5 but have been searching the whole internet with no avail to resolve an issue I have with my Treo 700w related to connectivity. It seems the device creates automatically a "Broadband Access" connection whenever it found is not available. Even if I delete it, the device re-creates it automatically. The issue is that if I change the user id and password with the correct ones gaved to me by Verizon, it clears it up to default, so I end up re-entering the information again and again. I decided to create a new modem connection that named VZW with the id and password information and it works very good. The problem is that after some time or reset, the phone "auto-pick" the default Broadband Connection. I have look at all places how to make my VZW entry the default for auto pick or make the default Broadband connection to retain my sign on information but with no luck.

    Anyone having same issue? Any wa to resolve or work around it? I need a solution because some peers at work that are not computer oriented will use it, including my boss, and I want to avoid that hassel to them.

    Kindly regards, Luis
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    Bump...Nobody else having this issue?

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