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    I want to password protect few of my important Personal files to Treo Device, but I don't want someone to get into and view it accidentally. Any suggestions on which program to install? Thanks!!
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    I use eWallet to protect my important info. You enter your info into it and it encrypts it. You might check it out although it might not do what you're looking for.

    Another program I purchased was the Resco file suite. It includes a registry editor, file explorer, and several other things. One option it also has is an encryption tool. I personally have not used that option yet, but it sounds like it would do what you're looking to do. Give it a look also...
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    I basically want a simple (freeware) to put few personal docs in a password protected folder, so that everytime I access that folder, it needs a password to get in.
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    It's not freeware, but Resco File Explorer will allow you to encrypt your files so that people can't access them without the password.

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