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    i have the 700wx for sale on ebay send me a PM so I can send you the item number
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    Call wireless data tech support and ask them to check if you have a hung data session. It's unlikely, since you didn't switch phones, but your symptoms do sound like a hung session. Sometimes they go away on their own, and sometimes the level 10,000 (kidding - really, someone above tier 1) techs have to reset something for you. They'll say it'll take up to 24 hours, and last time it happened to me it was fixed inside an hour. They even called my cell to verify.

    Prior to that I had a tier 1 support person tell me my options were to buy a new phone. I'm glad I called back.

    Oh, and if they don't know what a hung data session is, hang up and call again until you find someone who says "ok, yeah, I've seen that before." Otherwise you are wasting your time.
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