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    Quote Originally Posted by robodude View Post
    Just as I was suspecting the battery didn't make it through the whole day. The phone shut itself off in the afternoon. I'm charging it full and will try it again tomorrow... I did the battery reset.
    When I owned my 6700, the battery life totally sucked - much worse than the Treo (with my usage pattern anyway).

    The 6700 community ran a utility called abcPowerMeter, that allows you to track your battery consumption.

    Should we?...
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    quick question, I recently got my WX and wanted to kneo if my Extended Life battery from my 650 will work on this. I want to try it, but its not worth the risk, i thought id ask here first. I have my settings all the same as my 650 and battery lasted like half a day. My 650 lasted a couple of days without a recharge. I send lots of messages and play music all the time with the speaker. It could jsut be that this is a new phone like you said.

    But does anybody know for sure if the WX will get damaged froma 650 extended life battery?

    EDIT: nevermind. I took the batteries out and inspected them closely. The stock 650 battery is the same as the extended 650 battery except the extended battery says its made my samsung. Then i compared that one to the 700 battery and its also the exact same jsut some different PALM logo on it. I compared the type # on it and its all the same, and i plugged it in and seems to work fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robodude View Post
    It seems there's a big difference in battery life from user to user. I wonder if there's a quality control issue...
    I don't think so. All 6 batteries that I have used in the last 3 years are the same. We all are not exactly doing a structured scientific study. Were guessing to the best of our abilities ;-)

    In contrast with users reporting 5 hour life vs 18 you'd obviously suspect issues. All you could do is backup, hard reset, set up mailboxes and go almost vanilla for a day. Then you'd know more.
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    6 batteries in 3 years?! Did you replace them because you bought new units or do they only last 6 months?
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    What most people don't realize is that NORMAL lifespan for a standard Li ion battery is only 8-12 months. You should be replacing your battery every year at minimum to maintain full capacity. This is a huge drawback to this type of battery, the plus side of which is you have no "memory effect" like you do with the Ni-cad batteries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robodude View Post
    6 batteries in 3 years?! Did you replace them because you bought new units or do they only last 6 months?
    I bought a 650 the day they were released and purchased a spare battery shortly after and kept it for a year. My wife had a 650 with a spare battery for a year. I had the 700p for 5 weeks and now the wx since it was released. So that's 6 batteries.
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