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    I did the Java platform for PIE and installed google maps but I was wondering if that would cost me money... Im still new as to how this data and stuff works. Ive only used the net while my phone was plugged into the active sync, so does it use my comps net or the verizon crap? Im pretty confused. I was basically looking for a good way to have road maps on the cell so if I were to ever get lost. I do not want to pay for Verizon data charges tho... Any help?
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    Microsoft Pocket Streets does not require Internet, just a lot of memory
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    Yeah, I've had Pocket Streets for a few years. It doesn't require any data plan or anything, but the thing about the memory is that you need to create the maps you want to use (or download some from Microsoft). I live in NJ, and spend the majority of my time there, so I have 4 maps for each area of the state - each is about 10 megs on my SD card. I forget how much program memory it chews up.

    The only other thing is that the latest version I have was not built for WM5 so the screen and controls are not optimized for our phones. Plus, as with any mapping software, screen size becomes a factor with a square 240x240 display. I think you can get PStreets for arouns $25 by itself, or packed in with Streets and Trips (around $40, $100 with GPS transceiver).

    Hope it helps-

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