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    Ive had my WX for a couple of days, and am completely in love despite the 240x240 screen and a lack of a good WM5 email program that works with Imap Idle. (Some might say flexmail will do that, but not with fastmail)

    Anyway, one drawback I have seen is that the Palm keyboard has not ctrl key. This makes it hard to cut/paste. Anyone know if I am missing something as I have searched and never seen this question asked.

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    The keyboard is a bit tricky, as its not quite like the actual virtual keyboard. As far as I know, the only way to cut/paste is to highlight with the stylus. From there, to paste you have to activate the menu pop up, and then you can use the letter underlined to do the desired action; cut, copy, paste, etc.

    Anyone know if there is a way for the hard keyboard to tab?

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