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    *note: all the software I'm using here is free (!)

    As an avid Mac user, I feel partial to Apple codecs and filetypes over anything Microsoft. (Yeah yeah, so I bought a Windows Mobile device, but that's only because I think it's cooler than Palm.)

    I've been looking for a way to play iPod formatted videos on my Treo 700w, and I've just gotten it to work. Here's what you need:

    First, the popular open-source media player, The Core Portable Media Player (TCPMP). This is the program you install on your device to play the video files.

    Second, the ffmpeg plugin for TCPMP. This let's you play videos encoded in H.264 (iPod standard) (get the latest ffmpeg cabs file)

    Third, the AAC plugin from here: (get the 'BetaPlayer AAC Plugin'), which let's you get the sound for your videos. I haven't tried playing iTunes AAC music files yet, but they will probably work too.

    Now that's what you need on your device, all we need now are videos. On the Mac, I'm using iSquint ( to convert videos (It's especially good at converting YouTube videos, which you can download with KeepVid). You can also use QuickTime to export videos to iPod format, but you may need to install various codecs and maybe upgrade to QuickTime Pro to do this.

    Also, if you don't have one already, you may want to now invest in an SD card.

    The ability to play H.264 video on the Treo is great for compatibility. Imagine, you can now make a library of small format videos that you can share with your iPod video owning friends, and use them on multiple devices. Also, the quality is great relative to file size.

    Here's how to play the videos: Open up TCPMP from your Programs folder on your Treo, then once it launches, click File... Open... and then browse to whereever you put your videos (I keep them in the My Videos directory on my SD card)

    Once it opens, just press Play and you're all set. I'd recommend going into the settings and customizing the Shortcut Keys, so you can zoom in and out, and go full screen among other things with just your keypad.


    (I found out how to do this from here: )
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