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    I just transferred my 1 gig SD card from my Nikon DSLR camera to my 700wx. I had about 25 gorgeous pictures from a wedding. While viewing them on my mobile device I cropped about half of them and also brightened them up using another command which I can not remember now.

    Anyway when I popped the card back into my camera...THSE PICS ARE GONE! I guess the editing messed me up....the other pics are still there. When I pop the card back into the WX all the pics are there and viewable (in my edited format). But can not view in ANY format on my camera. I tried emailing a few of the edited photos...and was successful...but in a very tiny version.

    Anyone know if I can reverse this or retrieve originals in any way??

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    sounds like the editing software simply resaved the pictures in a format that the camera can't read (and they can be very picky about that). Your pictures are still there, just transfer them to a computer. The quality will probably have degraded though, since I doubt the on-phone editing software is anywhere near the same quality as a professional solution like photoshop.
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    Your camera will only recognize photos that were saved to the card by the camera. Once you edited the photos on your wx the photos were changed and thus your camera will no longer recognize the photos. The same thing would happen if you but your sd card in your computer and edited the pictures on the sd card or copied pictures to the sd card from your computer. The camera will not recognize any of these pictures either. Just copy the ones not recognized by your camera to the computer and free up the space on your sd card to take more pictures.

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