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    Review of Yahoo! Go.

    It's not at the top of the frontpage just now as I want to keep the 750v review up there. Also: I'm a little peeved about using excalamtion points all over the place when I talk about Yahoo. I don't know why I gave in to that.
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    I use ActiveSync and mNotes to sync my WM5 device via USB to my work PC and Lotus Notes. I would like that information on my device to synch with my personal Yahoo account. Is there any reason that you are aware of with your experience with Y!Go (yep, I hate the exclamation points too) that would prevent me from doing so?

    The setup I forsee is entering an event/contact/task in Lotus Notes, Activesync transfers it to my WM5 device, then Y!Go transfers it to my Yahoo calendar/address book/to do list which is viewable on-line.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Y!Go is almost there....but still has too many hiccups for real world use.
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    I used it to sync my contacts with Yahoo address book. It worked well. I use it also with email a bit. I'm not completely sure about how the connections are working.. sometimes it updates, sometimes it doesn't. Also, it says it uses SMS for updates, but I believe it's just using my EVDO connection. Many of the Go! services just open through Internet Explorer. It was a pain to install. I had to manually do a few things through the file explorer.. just running the Cab file wasn't enough.

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