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    I was on a phone call last night and then I pressed the "hang up" button this splash screen came up with the sprint logo saying "Shutting Down..". After a second or two the splash screen went away and both my phone and data icons at the top of the screen show an "X" on top of each icon. I can't send or recieve calls or start data sessions. My account is in good standing so they shouldn't have any reason to stop my services.

    Has anyone else encountered this? Is there any special key combination I can press to unlock me? Any help would be great. I would rather come to you guys then go through the tech support hasstle. Thanks a lot.
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    Bleh. Just had to go into wireless manager and activate "Phone" lol. All good now.
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    Just so you know. If you hold down the "hang up" button, your phone will go into flight mode which turns the phone and data off. Hold it down again to turn it back on. You must have held it too long when you ended the call.


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