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    Just though I'd share my buying experienes with you guys.

    Just contacted Vodaphone direct. I could buy the phone from them as Pay As You Go for 400 but I opted for a contract instead.

    This was 20p/m ( 12 month contract ) and the phone cost was 110.

    So all in was 350 which I saw as a good deal.

    I was also told that on the 16th of this month Vodaphone will be releasing some Data Bundles ( as well as other things ) but they couldn't say what they were so with a bit of luck they might bring there data inline ( or at least somewhere closer to T-Mobile ).

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    Is it unlocked when we choose Pay As You Go for GBP.400 ?
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    No, every phone from Vodaphone is locked

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    No only Vodafone at the moment. It is called 750v for a reason. You will have to wait another three months for the exclusivity to end.
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    What do you get from vodafone for 20 amonth?
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    TBh, I have no idea.......I think this basic tarrif is on there website though.

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    I just went into a vodafone store and came out with my Treo 750v on pre pay, it cost me 380.00 and its locked

    I phoned voda and they reckon i will have to wait 2-3 weeks to get my unlock code, anyone know of an unlock service??


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