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    I just recently switched from a PPC 6700 to a Treo 700wx, and am experiencing a real serious issue here. I can't see who is calling or answer any incoming calls (or ignore them) when the phone is off and locked (via the lock capability in the settings -> personal section). I was able to do this on my PPC 6700. I need to keep the lock functionality enabled because I keep sensitive information on my phone and if it is lost, I do not want such information to be readily accessible to anyone who finds it (or steals it). However, not being able to answer incoming phone calls or see who is calling me unless my phone is previously unlocked just doesn't work for me, as 99% of the time I'll get phone calls when I'm not using the phone and therefore it is turned off and locked. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks!!
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    wow, I just tried this for the first time to see if this was true. I went and wet a password and the phone went in to locked mode. I then called myself and had no problem answering the call. I don't know but I think there my be just a problem with your phone. maybe go to the sprint store and try this with the activated phone on display. I bet it's just a problem with your phone.

    hope this helps, cody
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    Thanks for the info! Do you have a Treo 700w or a 700wx?

    I am definitely going to go try it at a Sprint store tomorrow and see what happens...
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    I haven't tried it, so I can't help there, but maybe use a 3rd party solution?


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    I have a wx
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    I have a wx and use photo contacts pro. When my phone is locked and I get an incoming call I have to put in my unlock code before answering the call. It is a pain but I'm sure it is suppose to be that way to prevent people from just answering my phone.
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    Looks like as long as you don't have the device display your owner information or notes information, it will allow you to answer incoming calls when the device is locked and see who is calling you when the device is locked. This is still annoying though, because I keep an "In Case of Emergency" on the notes field and have that display whenever my phone is turned on so in case something happens to me and someone finds my phone, they will know who to call. Now, I can't do that anymore until this bug is fixed because otherwise I can't answer incoming calls (or see who is even calling me) without first having to unlock my phone.

    Hopefully Sprint or Palm or Microsoft will fix this ASAP! What is the best procedure to follow to inform those companies of this problem??

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