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    Okay, this one is for all you Treologians...

    My goal is to start building my Today screen the way I want to on my new Treo. In crayola terms please, how do I put downloaded freeware or purchased software onto the PPC?

    Example: Batterytime - downloaded it and now it says to find the .cab file and export it over. One, I see no file named .cab (but I figure it is the ppc2003 file that popped up), but even if I did, do I just "sync" and it goes over?

    I know this is basic stuff, but can anyone help?
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    A .cab file has to be copied to your Treo first and then run from there. Sync your treo and from Activesync, select "Explore". This should open a folder with a view of your phone. Copy the .cab file (just drag it from your desktop to the folder on your phone. Once there, open File Explorer on the phone and navigate to the file you just copied over. Click on it to install it.

    If there isn't a .cab file, you then would have to sync your phone and then run the setup from your desktop.
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    Basically, the .cab file is a program file that you can run and install right through the PPC file explorer (as aloper mentioned). You copy it onto your SD card or via ActiveSync, and can install from the device. It has a little icon that looks like a blue file cabinet on your desktop machine.

    A .exe file needs to be installed while you're connected with ActiveSync and will often add files to your desktop machine through AS for reinstall/uninstall options. I have used both, and everyone has their favorites.

    Some programs only come as .exe files, some as both .exes and .cabs.

    One benefit of using .cabs (that I found) is that I can create a "restore" folder on my SD card containing .cabs that I need to reinstall crucial programs. In the event of a necessary hard reset while away from my desk for an extended period of time, I can reinstall all my apps easily from my device. Just don't forget to add a .txt file with reg. codes and the like!

    It works really well, actually, this "in case of emergency folder" - I've already used it more than once...
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    Yeah, that is why I like .cab files also. I have folder on my SD card just called "pocket pc" where I keep all my installer files, either .cab, .zip or .exe's.
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    Okay, thanks. Screw BatteryTime - I could not figure that out. But, I had an old Pocket Weather program from my Axim days and synced that over and it worked fine following your guidance.

    Ultimately, I want to learn to do this well because I want the black background and eliminate some useless bars on the Today screen.

    Any suggestions or advice is always appreciated.
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    LOLOL...u guys are quickly approaching another language there! Did I mention crayola terminology? I still refer to my as Treo the "magic ringing thing!"

    I wish those guys showing Today screens (the black ones are my goals) would - along with listing the software, list the cost (if any) and step-by-step guides on how to install.

    Yeah, I know it is soooo simplistic, but, hey, I'm a simple guy.
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    Take a look here for an overview of installing software on a Pocket PC (Treo). Keep reading down the page. The second part is about installing .cab files...


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