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    Sprint Users: I noticed in a lot of screenshots of the Today screens that abound in some of these posts that quite a few people have the location icon crossed out. I understand that 911 can still find you, but outside of the usual 1984-esque thoughts, is there another reason why disabling location-based services is good or bad?

    I always left it alone, because I didn't care too much, and our service is so bad where I live, I figured, my luck, I'd turn it off and have no service at all or something...
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    Some claim that you will get slightly better battery life with it off.
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  3. #3 u mean to tell me that I could be tracked via my phone ( I do not subscribe to the GPS feature)

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    I suppose I can be more specific; has anyone seen a DECREASE in network performance (voice or data) with location turned off?

    And winginit, if you think your phone is all they've been watching...
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    they can listen to your conversations even when your not on a phone call. thay can even see what your doing through the camara. I keep mine off just for this reason. I don't notice any difference in performance.

    hope this helps, cody
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    And all this time I thought my vacation snaps were safe...
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    They can track you by tower regardless, perhaps not your near exact location with it off but it really doesn't matter. The benefits form 911 alone are worth it but disabling it for other calls really isn't going to do anything as Sprint and anyone else interested will know your general location regardless just from what tower you are using.

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