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    I know the alarm clock function on the 700w is pretty weak, but it still bugs me that it doesn't work....and I can't fix it.

    Last week I set the alarm to wake me up....overslept. Tested the alarm after catching up and no sound. It vibrates...and flashes on the screen. Also noticed I didn't get any appointment reminders.

    Saw a post to use memmaid to clear out bogus stuff in the notification cue. That fixed the calendar reminders, but not the alarm clock. Tried some other utilites...wakeup tweak...that supposedly modified the maintenance routine. Still no sound from the alarm.

    Hard reset...voilla....The alarm works. Sprite sound??? What gives.

    The alarm is set correctly and goes off. Flashes on the screen and vibrates. I can hit the snooze function if I was awake! Why won't it make noise.

    Please help me fix this baffeling although non-important issue. As soon as it's fixed I'm going to test out other Alarms...recommendations>

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    Same problem here and with other users. Something in one of your programs or settings that you keep restoring with Sprite is causing the problem. After 3 phones from Verizon I finally figured it out

    I did a hard reset and snyc'd my contacts and calendar with wirelessync. Then reinstalled each app individually and its worked fine since.
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    I think the problem was a trial versiaon of AlarmToday from Pocketmax. My WM5 alarm quit making noise after that. Recently installed pocketmax's PhoneAlarm, and the WM5 alarm started working again.
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    Install this, its free, loud, and reliable...

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