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    Hey guys,

    It appears the phone has randomly stopped vibrating when I get a call. I go into the "Sounds and Notifications" -> "Notifications" section and have "Vibrate when ringer switch off" setting checked. Then I get a call, and the phone displays that there is a call but does not vibrate. If I miss the call, of course, it vibrates as a notification.

    The ringer volume is up, too, because if the phone is on audible mode it does ring. Also, I am not using any third party software on the phone at all.

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    you have it set to "vibrate if the ringer switch off" when the ringer button on the top of the phone is switched off. if you want it to ring and vibrate at the same time. you need to select the "vibrate when ringer swithed on" and have the ringer switch on the top of the phone turned on in order to ring.

    hope this helps, cody

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