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    Not sure if I'm in the right forum for this - sorry.

    I want to get a 700wx, and I currently have Cingular service. I've been waiting for the 750, but here's the thing:

    I'm in Los Angeles, and there's no HSDPA here; for that matter, I don't know if there's UMTS. I only get EDGE on my current phone. I used a 700wx for a week and loved the EVDO.

    So is it worth waiting for the 750, even though I won't get high speed internet? I'll admit I use my phone more for data than I do for calling.

    What would you do?
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    I'd go with the 700wx, provided you have good service with Sprint. Not only is the 700wx already out, but Sprint probably has better Ev-DO coverage than Cingular has UMTS and HSDPA, and their data plans are cheaper too (only $15 while Cingular's is more along the lines of $40)
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    EDGE........ewwwwwwwww, es lento
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    the choice is on the EDGE or get fast reliable internet
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    Heh, ya edge is pretty pathetic. Guess I'll make the switch some time this week. Hopefully my number will transfer over!
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    I recently switched from Cingular to Sprint and haven't had any issues.
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    You really need High Speed Internet w/these phones. Better for the battery life, calls go through at all times, etc.

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