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    A colleague of mine purchased a 700wx this weekend and was torn between the Crackberry 8703e and the Treo because of Navigation on the Blackberry, and the sales person gave her a brochure and told her that the 700wx works with TeleNav out of the box, without an external GPS. Well TeleNav says BS, that the internal GPS receiver does not return data fast enough to support the service.

    I am wondering if Sprint initially intended for it to be released with working GPS but hit a bug and didn't want to delay the launch of the Treo. I can understand that.

    Who thinks I am nuts in thinking that we could get working GPS nav through TeleNav on the 700wx after the first os update?

    I mean this is a great service and pretty accurate, at least on my Crackberry, but I perfer my 700wx naturally, because it is more robust, and want it to work on there.
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    I wish that this was the case. However I don't think that palm would include this much extra in the device. They already doubled the ram which was definately a monumental thing for Palm to do.
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    One thing to think about is would you WANT it to work with Telenav? I used Telenav on my 920 before picking up my wx. Now after I picked up my receiver and software I kinda felt cheated that I was paying $10 a month for the service. Sure I paid $150 for the hardware/software but I know if I use it more then a year and three months it has paid for itself.
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    the treo 700wx will never do gps out of the box. no treo and or no htc has gps like that so far. I know the blackberrys do but that a different device. no update no way. hardware problem all the way.

    I agree about just going and buying your own gps add on. I saw them for $100 and up. noy bad if your going to use it a lot.
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    Sprint Reps are idiots.
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    salt salt salt
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    all reps are idiots
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    Well I guess your idiots and Palm are having a webinar next week to promote this impossible product...

    Telenav is the next-generation GPS navigation service, providing audible and visual turn-by-turn driving directions right from your Treo smartphone on the Sprint network.

    Telenavs navigational service provides a wide array of valuable features including maps and directions to millions of business addresses, including restaurants, gas stations, banks and much more.

    By putting Telenav on a Treo smartphone, you will gain access to a powerful GPS navigational system in a user-friendly, portable device.

    Some of the key features to be covered in this Webinar include:

    - Dynamic navigation with touch-screen capabilities
    - BizFinder features and benefits
    - Maps feature
    - Other outdoor GPS tools

    Register today for an informative webinar on this new solution!
    Looking for a way to earn additional income? One that allows you to not only market services people use everyday, but the services of the future too? This opportunity provides outstanding earning potential with ongoing training and support. You are in business for yourself but never by yourself. Stop imagining and start living.

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    ^^ attend the webenar and you will realize that it only works with an external unit. And if you are going to use an external unit there are better solutions than telenav. OP Goto and check out some of their newer bluetooth GPS units, they are tiny, more accurate than the A-GPS in the BB8703e and not even $100. Pick up software with them as a bundle and you are looking at about $160 or so out the door for a much better product.
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    telenav's comments on using their product with the Treo 700*:
    "In order to use TeleNav on either of these two phones, you will need an external GPS receiver."
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    I installed Telenav on my wifes phone the other day and it works great. I was considering trying it for my 700p. I have Tomtom but I often ride with other and dont have my blueooth gps to use the moving maps and nav. I can get the directions from a lot of sources with my Treo, but not guidance. I went to the Telenav site and they did not have installation instructions for the 700p like they had for the other phones. I sent in a request for info and they responded with a OTA link for the software. No where did it say anything about needing additional hardware to function. My wifes phone has the the e911 feature and thats it. Dont the Treos have the same e911 capability? After downloading the software I was prompted to register on the Telenav site. It then told me this:

    Bluetooth GPS Receiver needed:
    In order for your device to provide TeleNav GPS Navigation, you will need a Bluetooth GPS receiver. This is because TeleNav requires a GPS receiver and your device does not have a built-in GPS receiver.
    The TeleNav Bluetooth GPS receiver uses a state of the art 20 channel GPS receiver versus the more common 12 channel GPS receivers. This means that you will be able to quickly obtain a GPS fix and keep it.

    The TeleNav Bluetooth GPS receiver also comes with an extra long battery that is rated for 17 hours of standard use. This means that you can go on for days without charging the GPS (based on standard daily use)

    Please click 'Close' to order your TeleNav Bluetooth GPS receiver and TeleNav service
    Mike G

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