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    Can you view quicktime on the 700wx or 700p?
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    I think you need a player called TCMP with the corresponding plug-in to view those files on the wx, however, I'm not 100% certain.
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    He's referring to The Core Pocket Media Player, which is compatible with MANY types of videos. Not sure about Itunes downloads, but it probably supports them
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    TCPMP won't handle QT files. There's something else that is supposed to, I think it's called PictPocket Cinema. It'll play (supposedly) QuickTime files right in Windows Mobile.

    The only thing is, it came out a while ago, it's about $40, and I have no idea what kind of compatibility it has with our phones... worth looking into, if you really need it; otherwise, just convert and enjoy with TCPMP - it'll handle just about everything else on its own, and you can add codec support manually.

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