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    I have a 700p and am a loyal palm user for years. I am finally understanding the importance of multitasking. for instance, I cannot answer a text message while surfing the web with the 700p. I understand the w can do this? are those of you that switched from P to W happy? regrets? what can't you do on W that P can do? thanks for the advice!
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    The 700wx (Sprint only) is the best of them all. The 700w does allow you to multitask, but not nearly as much as the 700wx does.

    I don't think you'll have a problem surfing while answering a text message on the 700w. I don't own one, but in the store I was able to stream a radio station off the web while Word, Excel and other things were going on at the same time which was more than enough to convince me to at least try it for 15 days.

    If it's as bad as many claim to be, I'll exchange it for the 6700 or the 700p. Too bad Verizon doesn't have the 700wx.
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    I am a recent p-wx convert, after owning the 600, 650 (6 different ones) and 700p (3 different ones), I became fed up with the PalmOS's constant crashing, loss of preferences, etc..etc..

    I returned my few days old 700p and exchanged it for the 700wx. All I can say is WOW. I never knew my Treo could do all these things.

    I'm surfing at almost 700 kb while my husband (who still owns a 700p) was surfing at about 100. That was when we were testing at the same time at the same location.
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    Does this phone lag when it tries to make a connection with Power Vision? For instance, the 700p, when it went from an area with no reception to good reception, it would lag about a minute to try and lock on the signal. If the WX doesn't, I'm switching!

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