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    I downloaded the trial version of pocket plus. Did not need all that and deleted it from "Remove Programs". Now everytime I soft reset I get this message: "The file "spbservices" cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. You might need to reinstall or restore this file." How do I get rid of this and how do I know everything got deleted.?
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    Try looking in the Windows/Startup folder and delete the spbservices.lnk file.
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    That worked, thanks. Is there another program for deleting software and removing all of it with out that process?
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    I try and install my software using ActiveSync if there is a choice whne installing (exe file vs cab file). When I want to uninstall it I go into ActiveSync and go to Tools | Add/Remove Programs. Select the application to remove and click the remove button. That will remove it from both locations if needed.


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