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    okay I've looked over the site and so far the info on it is great but when i search for bluetooth earpieces I get way too many results to read in a timely manner. I get my 700wx phone this week and I've never had a phone with bluetooth on it so I was wondering what earpiece/headset should i pick up for this? I live in a windy state so I need one that eliminates wind noise!! That is a must!

    Thanks in advance for help!

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    up! neone?
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    I am a new Treo user (coming from Nextel/Blackberry) and just connected my H500 Motorola BT. Sound quality suffers a bit even at close range and it had trouble hanging up when disconnected from the BT unit.

    Actually, even though I love the Treo, general phone connection and clarity is less than my Blackberry - so I anticipated problems with the BT ....and I wasn't surprised.

    It's amazing how much we are willing to compromise to use Treos!

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