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    didn't see this posted here.

    now you can record your phone calls to memory card.

    the app has a free trial, and is only $10

    enjoy, cody
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    Hrmm, I wonder if this will work on the 700w. Think it can run in the background?
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    Vito VoiceNotes has this option.

    Doen't record the "other side" though, just yourself so pretty pointless. Seems to be a hardware issue again like most HTC phones (unless anyone has had success with another program?)

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    The others record both sides. Well the way it works is you use speakerphone and the mic records the caller from the speaker just like it records your voice.
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    Depending on your states laws be careful with using that. Some states require both parties to have knowledge prior to recording others only one.

    Unless you are using it for ****s and giggles but if you expect something to hold up later look into your states laws on recording conversations.

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