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    I searched for a sticky on advice for 'new users' and didn't find anything specific. If there is one, kindly let me know.

    Anyway, got my new 700wx and I love it so far. I have to get use to the separate phone/PDA turn ons - I always think the phone is on when it is not.

    So, here is my first newbie question:

    1. I took a pic of my wife to use as her dedicated speed-dial point. The next day, just a silouetted pic remains; the link still works fine, but no actual pic of her remains on my Today screen. I checked my speed-dial preferences, and only the silouette is shown.
    Thoughts, suggestions?

    My basic plan is: I am a Real Estate Broker and mainly want to customize my today screen so it is functional for me - whatever that happens to be. I like the weather/temp icons, pic speed-dials for family, and here is my second newbie question,

    2. Actually a two part question: A. I usually have a dozen or so clients I need quick access to on my phone; scrolling through my extensive contact list or even 'searching' that list is laborious and time consuming. There has to be a better way.
    B. Contact List: In my Outlook contacts, I have contacts assigned in categories: Client lists, family, friends, etc. Is there any way to transfer those categories over to the Treo? When I synced, it just alphabetized all the contacts mixing all the categories. If I need a 3rd party app for this, it will be worth it...

    Thanks...and great site!!!
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    I can help you out with #2A.

    The quickest way to access someone besides using speed dial (which it looks like you know how to use) is the following:

    Say you are looking for "Joe Smith". Simply type "jo sm" and it should come up. You can then hold down the center d-pad button and several different options for contacting Joe will come up.

    #2B - Once in Contacts, click the "Menu" soft key and go to "View By" and/or "Filter" these options should be in there.
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    As far as quick access to your contacts, you may set a letter/number on the keypad to speed dial that number. You need to go into your speed dial options, select the contact and add the speed dial number. (i.e. I have my work phone number stored under "W" on the speed dial. I hold down W on the keypad and it dials that number).

    The great thing about the search feature on this phone is like Tre-i-e-i-o pointed out, all you have to do is start typing the name of your contact and it will bring up all options that match your query. The best part is you can hide this search bar to get more screen real estate (no pun intended) for your customization plus you can still start entering the name like stated above and it will work. Great feature I think.

    Good luck!
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    Okay, thanks....that helps a great deal to sort out the contacts questions.....any takers on the speed-dial photo question? I did a soft reset also hoing that would do it, but to no avail.

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