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    I found this new PUSH email client today and am wondering if anyone has tried it yet?

    I've downloaded and installed so I will let you know what I find as well.
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    I will try it with my aol account and see how fast it is also...
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    I tried this on my 700wx, didn't work out for me. When I tried to set up an account after putting in my email address and password and hit next I got an error saying to quit the program and retry. I did this twice, same error. Hope you guys have better results.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Same here. Nothing happens when I click "Next" so I can't get anything set up. Great program so far!
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    Well, I configured it for my aol account. When I tried to sync initially, I got an error. My phone froze and I had to reset. Then I fixed the settings, it performed a sync but my new messages didn't show up. Then, when i went into the "push" settings, it only allowed me to set up "pull" intervals. There didn't appear to be anything special about this program and I uninstalled it in 30 minutes. If "push" isn't supported for IMAP, I can't see how it would be supported for POP instead. What a waste of time...

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