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    I have a RIDATA 4gb SD card I am having problems getting to read in my 700WX. I can read and write to the card using a USB reader on my XP machine but when I put it in the 700WX is doesn't recognize it and asks if I want to try and format it. If I answer yes, it still isn't able to read from it and needs to be reformated on the PC in order to use it.

    It is formated as FAT32.

    Anybody have any ideas on what to try?
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    The wx only supports up to 2GB SD cards officially. There are reports of some 4GB cards working, however, you may have one that doesn't.

    Run a search, I know there was a thread somewhere about all the cards that worked.
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    A lot of new SD cards (4GB and higher) are made in SDHC format which will not work with the 700wx. Your device will need to be SDHC ready before it will use SDHC cards. However, there are 4GB SD cards that are still using the standard SD format. You may want to exchange your RIDATA if that's the case.
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    Im using Dane-Elec 4GB Secure Digital Card and having no problems whats so ever with my 700wx.

    Possibly a bad card??
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    I had trouble with a PQI 4gb. I read in another thread about formatting the card, and that seem to have done the trick.

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