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    My company upgraded to Exchange server, and I wanted to finally be able to access my email directly instead of having copies sent to my comcast account. I was finally able to get it set up as a POP3 type, I get the email flawlessly, very quickly etc. But when trying to send a reply, it seems anytime the recepient is from a "destination" other than my companies email address/extension, I get the message out in the drafts folder and a message stating it could not send, as it was an "invalid recepient" . I have been going over and over the settings trying to find something that I can change to fix this, but to no avai.
    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If they have an Exchange server it makes no sense setting up as a POP3 account. Might as well set it up through Activesync to also get real push e-mail functionality.

    Some SMTP servers (outgoing servers for POP3 accounts) won't work on other networks that are not their own. Some users have succesfully set up their POP3 accounts to use Sprint's SMTP outgoing server, however, I have not.

    My recommendation? Set it up through to ActiveSync. Get real push e-mail and live contact, appt., etc. updating!

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