I've had my 700wx for about 2 weeks now.

Everything was working great up until a couple of days ago. Now when I try to connect to the net using PIE, MobiTV or emoze, it either won't connect, shuts the phone service off and/or I get an error message stating there's a problem with "gwes.exe" and to send an error report to Microsoft.

emoze seemed to be causing the most problems so I un-installed it today but I'm still having the same problems.

I'll called Sprint and to no surprise, they just told me to reset the phone and make sure I'm in a good service area. I haven't change the locations that used to work great and now all of sudden won't.

I did install SKTools a few days ago so I don't know if that's screwing things up.

When I can connect (if I get lucky), I'm getting speeds @ approx. 35 - 50 Kbits/sec.

I'm starting to regret getting rid of my Blackberry 7100i...I never had any problems with it.

Any help is appreciated.