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    So, I was searching around this morning and it appears SKYPE has launched version 2.1 officially yesterday (previously it was a beta version). Downloaded it to the 700w and it works fine. It seems to have solved some of the previous issues with the icon taking forever to display, therby locking up my today screen launcher and the "programs" window.

    Also Triangle Powers has a new program called "700WX hacks" which works well on the 700W. It appears to be a re-hash of their 6700 hacks program, which I was using previously but which was optimized for a 320x240 screen. This new version has 8 pages of hacks and works on the square 700w/wx screens. Notably, the PIE hacks (identify as IE6 and relocate cache) work well. The resize scroll bars also works, to free up some screen real estate!

    Scott Seligman's Launcher also has a new version (1.4) that solves a couple of small bugs. I find it to be the smallest most reliable today screen launcher plugin (it uses about 20k of memory).
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    Thanks for the updates. I might give Skype a try.
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    I haven't had much luck with Skype on my 700WX. Calls seem to break up most of the time. Do you use any of the accleration programs or are you just using your 700W as is?

    Thanks for the help.
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    I can NOT get Skype (neither the newest nor the earlier beta) to install on my wx. Just downloaded it again directly to the wx. When I click on the cab file after downloading, I get the "cannot be opened....either it is not a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found, etc etc..." message. Same thing happens if I try to go the exe route. Anyone else run into this/solve? I have a son over in Scotland and I REALLY need this. Thanks.

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