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    I was searching the net and stumbled upon this update... is it safe to assume that everyone here has already done this update?
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    I did it right when I got my phone.

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    Did it improve anything?
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    enabled push and memory handling (which is an opinion to most people btw).
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    Quote Originally Posted by robodude View Post
    Did it improve anything?
    The big update was to enable push email through MS Exchange servers. Makes receiving email very similar to the Blackberry experience.

    Other updates were minor but i recall:

    - UBS switcher, let's you choose to synch with a PC via dumb USB rather than RNDIS. This solved AS problems for some people with a corporate firewall, for example

    - Wireless manager, let you see and activate radio and BT on one screen. I don't use it

    - Reserved PROGRAM memory threshold increasd from 2MB to 5MB, Palm did this to minimize stability and soft reset issues, but result is less multi-taking on an already tight RAM device. See the lower limit memory thread that is stickied for more info and how to chnage this setting back. Personally, I find3MB as the righ balance for stability vs free RAM.

    - Boot up is a bit faster IMHO

    I'm sure I missed a thing or two
    Daniel Levin

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