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    When I get a phone call, I push the ANSWER button on the screen.

    After I push it the ring tone goes down in volume about 70%, but it still rings at least one more time while I am supposed to be saying "Hello?" and there is a delay.

    Becuase of this, everytime I answer the phone there is a delay and the caller is saying "Hello?" "Hello?". It happens for every call I receive.

    Does anybody else have this problem?
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    Doesn't happen to me...weird.
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    Happens to me to. I don't recall it happening the first week I owned it. I haven't done anything crazy to it.
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    Come to think of it, It happened to me, while I was in Indy today.
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    That's really weird since I work in Indy and live just northeast of Indy. The only thing I have really installed is flexmail, but it's already expired. At least there is one other person . . . but is it related to the signal in Indianapolis or certain 700wx's? I guess I'm off to Sprint because it's bugging the heck out of me. Thanks for the replies!
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    it happens if more than 5 processes are running for me. I just make sure I quit all open processes every few hours. One of the things coming from Palm to WM5 I guess. I can deal with it though, I love this phone!
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    The only delay I see is a delay in actually getting a call. The screen will light up, but it'll take another 3-5 seconds for the phone to actually ring. Of course, I close all my programs with the exception of PIE and Poutlook, so there really are no programs running in the background.

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    Sounds like it's more related to memory issue than anything else. I guess I can't depend on WM5 to handle the memory and I need to install that one program that does it for you, can't remember the name, or manually do it but that sounds like it could be a pain after awhile.
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    it happens to me on the wx and the 6700. I think it a windows thing. I just got use to it and when I answer I wait a second and then say hello. maybe the update will address this as well.

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