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    Hi all, I have no problem pairing the 700W with a 2006 Acura MDX. I have no problem recieving calls. However, I can't make outgoing calls if the Treo's screen is off. The HFL acknowledges my instructions and says "dialing", but nothing happens -- until I turn the screen on and then it starts dialing. No problem if the screen was on.

    I understand the 700W doesn't work well when initiaiting Bluetooth calls. I would like to know if anyone has a solution for this. This has to be a common annoying problem, as the phone is not always around when you need to make a call while driving. Thanks. Lance
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    I have a Garmin 2820 w/ Bluetooth Built into it. For me to get the HF to work on it I have to go devices on Treo and click and hold the device name, then a menu pops up and I have to hit Set as Hands-Free. Even though I have the check box for hands free already checked off.

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