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    I would have to agree with most of the comments here. I love my 700w, but I would love a 700wx more. I prefer Verizon, since I actually like getting reception in the places I'm at, and so the 700wx isn't currently an option for me. For all the pros and cons of all the phones that were out when I bought my 700w, the 700w beat all the other phones hands down. The only other phone that was even close was the PPC6700 (or whatever it is called), but I really just didn't like the form factor, despite the bigger screen (which I admit was nice). The Treo was just a ton easier to use, though, and so that is why I have it. So I guess to sum it all up, sure the 700w could be better than it is, but it is better than the alternatives (no comment on the 700p, as I've never really liked the Palm OS, but I'd gather that the hardware is just as satisfying).
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    Yup. I'm happy.

    Use it mainly for phone, email, reading word docs and watching videos. Could it be better; sure. But it works well for my needs.
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    People say "if you want to multi-task, FORGET IT".

    C'mon. The phone is a *phone". It's not advertised as a substitute for your desktop PC. Get over it. It wasn't designed for that.

    My experience (previously with Cingular/AT&T, yada, yada) is that Verizon trumps all of them - more bars in more places. And, the phone works as advertised, thankyou very much. I have not had a cellphone that works better and does more stuff than my 700w.

    Sure, all the "power-users" load down their phones with 3rd-party junk of questionable quality and then complain that the phone's defective. But, if you just use it, within its design parameters, issues are MUCH less likely to occur.
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    I really like my 700w. More memory would be nice but hardly a deal breaker for me. I use it to check email when away from the office, the occasional game, and I run CoPilot Live for GPS.

    I generally don't have more than a couple things open at a time, and I've done all of the memory-related tips and procedures listed here, and that keeps it going no problem. I can run GPS software and receive calls at the same time, and I can run GPS software and stream an internet radio station simultaneoulsy. That works fine and that was before changing the sticky post's memory limit from 5 Meg to 2 Meg.

    If you tried to run PIE, Outlook, play music, and run GPS, you'd probably run into trouble - but for me, I don't do that all at the same time so I'm very happy with its performance for my needs. Really reduces the amount of hardware I need to take with me to just the 700w.
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    Only problem I have is playing WMP - seems like it can suck up the memory a little. But otherwise- all good.
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