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    As I mentioned in my (Dutch) Treo 750v review, the brightness settings on the Treo 750v (and I suspect this also goes for the 700s) cannot be adjusted separately for the use on AC and Battery.

    There is a workaround however:

    Get yourself a registry editor ((PHM by or Resco File Explorer by and go to the following registry section:


    In this section you will find 2 keys:


    What you will see is that when you use the standard configurationpanel, these keys will be adjusted simultaneously, and therefore will always have identical values.

    I find this behaviour a wee bit annoying though since I for one appreciate a brighter setting to be activated automatically for instance when I put my 750v in the powered cradle in my car, and start navigating with it.

    Well, this can no be set in the following manner: forget the brightness configuration panel and manually adjust these keys with the aforementioned registry editors. You can use the following settings:


    Personally, I selected ACBrightness=8 since the Treo 750v really has an extremely bright screen when set to the maximum brightness, but this is subjective of course. Anyway, as long as you do not activate the brightness configuration panel again, these values will stick.

    However, the moment you open the brightness configuation panel again, these values will be synchronized again, so once adjusted manually, stay away from the brightnes configuration panel.

    I reported this behaviour to Palm in the US and I hope that a future update will bring us a brightness configuration panel that will allow us to separately adjust the brightness settings from there.

    PS Let me know if this also goes for the 700w/wx series.
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    on the wx there is no "ac brightness" just brightness. thanks for the post though. i'm sure this will be nice for other 750 owners.
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    Thank You,
    Chris Luce

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