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    I have the Jad and JAr files to a program, how would I go about installing something? I installed Java as talked about in this thread.

    I'm not sure how I would go about installing something, anyone have any idea?

    I put the files on the internal harddrive of my Treo700wx, I get into midlet installer, and it wants a URL, I have no idea what to put.

    Any thoughts?

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    Since the file is already on the device in the url space type file:\\\ then the directory of the file and name of the file including the extension.

    For example. I installed a google midlet named blahblahblah.jad and it wat on the root \

    So I renamed the jad to G.jad and put file:\\\G.jad

    Let me know how it goes,,,,, I don't always get these things right
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    Didn't work, it says "an exception occurred[\\\gmap.jad] while downloading from file:\\\gmap.jad

    Are there supposed to be 3 slashes?
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    Try forward slashes, works for me. I keep all my midlets under a midlets folder on My Documents, so it looks like this:

    file:///My Documents/Midlets/G.jad
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    I looked in my install history and it shows \

    Yes there are suppose to be 3

    All I can say is make sure the directory name is exactly as it is suppose to be, make sure capitals/lower case are the same.

    Gfunkster you used /// ?
    Also I swear on my 6700 befor the ROM update I used file:///\ or was it file:\\\/
    Well anyway. If it says an exception occurred that means It didn't like the jad or jar right? If the directory were not formated correctly it would give an error about the midlet not being present, right?
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    I seem to be missing the "purple icon" after my last reinstall of Java. (I was more conservative with the files I put in). Anyone know the exact file that gives this?
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