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    Palm says the maximum they tested on the WM based 700W/WX were 2GB SD cards, but my guess is there were no 4GB cards available for testing during development. I would like to order a 4GB card for my new 700WX, but am not exactly the daring type.

    Has anyone yet tried a 4GB card? Results?

    Any SD cards that were not particularily compatible?

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    There are plenty of threads already on this, but I'm using a 4GB Transcend 150x that I purchased at NewEgg with great results.
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    A-Data 4GB card works great too. I've been using one for 9 months now without any problems.
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    I use the A-Data 4GB 150x card.

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    PQI 4GB...0.0 issues
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    transcends 4gb card is really good and reliable i have one for my wx and i love it
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    I believe in general, as long as the SD card is not SDHC compliance, it will work on the 700wx.
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    PQI 4GB...0.0 issues

    Wow, even with statistical analysis and uncertainty.

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