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    I agree. Is anyone experiencing this with any other phones? Has anyone else had any recent changes? is everyone still definitely experiencing it with every carrier? Right now, I'm ok with Sprint & Cingular.
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    I'm ok with Sprint as far as I know. Other carriers I haven't tested.
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    Can everyone else out there test their treos & see if they have the same issue specifically in regards to other carriers.
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    I don't think it's specific to the 700wx because I have friends that use Sprint that are having the same problem and they don't own 700wx's. Also, the problem is so intermittent that it HAS to be the network, not the phone. If it's the phone, I will be returning it to Palm and I will get back every penny I paid for it.
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    Sprint - OK (obviously)
    T-Mobile - No go since 10/3
    Verizon - No go since 10/3
    Cingular - Haven't tried it yet

    Also, could be unrelated, but I'm receiving texts about 12 hours late now from T-Mobile numbers. Sucks.
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    This is happening on both my 700wx and my 700p. All Sprint people get my texts. Verizon friends get them much later than I sent them, hours later, but on their phones is shows them time I originally sent the text out. For instance if I sent a text at 9:30pm the verizon person doesn't get it until after midnight but shows it was received at 9:31pm, even though they get it around midnight. Very strange.
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    Sprint is OK but was not at first...

    I just started recieving texts from Verizon and Unicell....when i replay to them it shows the text message on the other persons phone, "Message cannot be displayed", this is so least im getting them now....well during this 5min span i've been on the sure it will change though
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    waiting on my treo 700wx to arrive but my treo 600 is fine to sprint and tmobile.. havent tried nething else
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    Whatever the problem is, it just shouldn't be that hard to correct...jeez!!!!!
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    Misinformation from Sprint? You be the judge... From Palm:

    Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is (removed). I understand that you have received information from Sprint that Treo™ 700wx has a "known issue" in which text messages sent to phones with other carriers (eg. Verizon, T-Mobile) are not delivered and that it will be resolve by Palm software update.

    We appreciate this opportunity to be of service to you. To address your inquiry, we haven't heard this type of problem. Based on the information that you provided to us, it appears that this problem has something to do with network problem with your Wireless Carrier. However, rest assured that we would be forwarding this case to the Engineering Department to further check on this matter.
    Looks like I have to give Sprint another call.
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    Very interesting. I'm hoping this will be fixed soon. I agree.... shouldn't be a very difficult problem to correct. Definitely sounds like a network issue.
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    I'm receiving most IMs in a timely manner. It's sending that is the problem. While we're calling Sprint and harrassing them about it, what are people doing as alternatives?

    • Using Email gateways (example: for Verizon Wireless)? I'd use this, but I'm pop3 and I have to hit send/receive to send things (grrrrr).
    • I'm using this page and customizing it. I have it set as my start page for the moment, since I only really need to send to 2 ppl who are outside of Sprint.
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    I am still experiencing problems sending and receiving from Verizon. I don't text much with other carriers but have had a problem sending/receiving from Verizon for some time now.

    On a positive note, I have stopped receiving multiple (60+) duplicate text messages. Not sure what the deal is, but this is getting out of hand. Although Verizon is more expensive, I am pondering the switch. Sees with Sprint, you get what you pay for....
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    Just got off the phone with them's the network that is having the problems....she couldn't say when it will be fixed..."20min to a month" that is such bs....well I might be returning my wx to go somewhere frustrating..
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    Well, as much as a pain as this is I will be sticking with Sprint. I cant beat the deal I am getting as I am on a sero plan. I'm sure it will get worked out eventually and in reality I am still able to send texts to other carriers through email gateways IE and such. Everything else for me works flawlessly and I extremely happy other than the texting. It's kind of sad that I have only been with Sprint for a week and a half and I have a major issue already. I have been with ATT&T,Verizon and T Mobile previously and never had an issue. Keep calling everyone. I'm sure it will get fixed soon enough.
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    For those really PO'd about this -- or any wireless carrier issue, another available avenue is to file a complaint directly with the FCC:

    Apparently, Sprint takes these (somewhat) seriously, as I believe they count against them in some kind of industry rating
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    What do you mean through email gateways? I can just send an email via outlook to those carriers and the other person will recieve as a text?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoMeat View Post
    What do you mean through email gateways? I can just send an email via outlook to those carriers and the other person will recieve as a text?
    you can send them as a text or email. i send them as a text to (for example) it works but i shouldnt have to do that.
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    Oh gotcha i guess i will try that until everything works
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    Just called customer service. They said they haven't heard of this - must be a problem with my phone! Told me to call back from landline to troubleshoot. They are really clueless, huh! The only thing that surprises me is that there is not more of an outcry. You'd think that if this were such a diffuse problem - there would be tons of people complaining. Curious?
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