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    Called them and they "opened" a ticket to solve the problem. They said I may get a call about the issue, but no calls after 4 hours.
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    The ticket department never called me back again, so I've made 2 additional calls to Sprint today. After speaking to the last tech support rep, she told me it has turned into a "nation-wide outage." No other news available.
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    Everything seems fixed now.
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    Not on my end.
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    AIM forwarding is still garbled for me
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    Three of my recipients got over 30+ messages each from me in the span of 20 seconds and after that happened, everything began working for me. I can now send messages and they are received within seconds.

    I guess they actually did do something with my "ticket".
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    hey guys...actually just got my first Treo today...700wx....i called about the sms stuff twice today...FYI...Sprint said their servers are being updated and it might last through the weekend..........i just wanted to make sure it wasent my device...but i guess the outage is nationwide...uhh...wonder if i should have left verizon....whatever 15 dollar vision works on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoMeat View Post
    whatever 15 dollar vision works on!
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    Is anybody still having this issue? I can send texts to my wife on cingular, but my friends on verizon still aren't getting them? maybe its an issue on Verizon's side. Any thoughts?
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    i still cant send to t mobile verizon or cingular.
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    I am still getting intermittent issues. I don't think Cingular users are receiving my texts either. I THINK all Sprint users are receiving my text messages now.

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    Yeah! Seriously! What's the deal. This is pretty basic!
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    Yea I only get sprint text and can send to sprint. All other carriers are still not working....I called and *****ed at them and they gave me a credit and said they will continue to do so until they fix the problem...
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    I got off the phone with a technical support rep and finally got the best information thus far...

    This is a "known issue" with the 700wx, not the network. It will not be fixed until a new software update is released.

    The rep put me on hold and spoke directly with the ticket department, since my ticket was listed as "closed" (although nobody ever bothered to call me and let me know). This will be an ongoing issue until Palm releases a new software update. For Sprint experts, this problem was apparently referred all the way up to the SEBG department (I have no idea what that is), and after investigation, this is the end result.

    So basically I'm paying for a service (text messages) that I cannot use until they release a software update. My next moves are to send a letter to Sprint corporate and contact Palm technical support about this. If anyone else is having this problem, I suggest you do the same. Unlike some of you, none of my text messages (other than to Sprint phones) have been working at all since Tuesday 10/3. Let's see how long it will take to fix it.
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    Well would an update come soon from Sprint or Palm? Or are we talking a month or two? I still have about 24 days left to return it but I'm wondering if I should switch to the "P" I love WM and have never used POS. I'm angry....
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    I don't have those answers because the Sprint rep didn't have those answers. I strongly suggest that people who are experiencing this issue contact both Sprint and Palm to harrass them until it is fixed. Fortunately for other wx users, I don't think it affects every handset (but that makes this so much more confusing since my text messages were working fine before last week).

    I personally think the WX is an excellent phone (the best I've ever had). When (if?) this problem is fixed, I'll be a happy camper. Until then, I'm pretty irritated.
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    Well if it's the phone why would it just stop working...that dosen't make any sense. The phone wouldn't limit us to Sprint text messages, the network would be doing that or it would seem. I have a "ticket" and am waiting for a call back. If it is the device I will go into the store and have them give me a diffrent one until it works.
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    Alright, this is total bs, because I was able to send text messages just fine last week. I was sending to my boss on a regular basis - several times a day. I haven't changes anything. the only thing I did recently was a hard resey for another issue, but that should not have affected my service. Really, whats's the deal. Are all Wx's experiencing this? If not, I want a new one. This is not acceptable.
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    Yea that's what I'm must be something to do with the network. The device wouldn't just stop working or it wouldn't pick or choose what texts make it through and want ones don't. It must be the network; I haven't been able to send anything since I got my new wx last Thursday. If I don't here back from text support I will just go into the store and have them give me a new one and try it and until I find one that works or just get a refund and go to a different carrier. I text more than anything and while in college it's really convenient rather than calling because everyone usual can't answer in class, so we text to find out where the kegger is that night....****... I went with Sprint because they are cheaper in price....maybe now I know why!?!?
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    yeah, sprint seems to not have a clue here. Our sms messages were working fine for a month. If it was a device issue it would've never worked.
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