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    Hi all,

    Im new to posting here but I am a big fan of the forum. That being said, I have searched through the forum and didnt see an answer to this.......

    For those of you who use Yahoo Go, it leaves and Icon on the toay screen in the lower right hand corner. Being a treo 700w user, screen real estate is crucial to me. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this icon?

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    This icon is Yahoo Connection app.
    To close it, open (Yahoo Go) in Start/Program/Yahoo! Go/Menu/ Y!Connections/Stop.

    If you close Yahoo Connection, mail will not be checked anymore though.

    BTW, the Yahoo Connection app. is in the Start Up folder so it will come back after every soft reset.
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    thanks brightcell.....I had a feeling I was missing something glaring. Considering I just check my mail sporadically during the day.....not auto connecting is no big deal.

    Appreciate the response.

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    Although that's the whole point of having Yahoo Go running in the background to check for new emails, the default setting is every hour, you can also choose a different setting and ask to connect every 3,8... hour.
    But if your concern is regaining space on your today screen then the only option you have is to turn it off.

    Good luck!
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    Where do you get Yahoo Go for the treo? The site doesn't list the Treo as an available device.
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    I still use Yahoo Go 1.0 since Yahoo Go 2.0 Gamma hasn't been released for WM5.
    Google it... if you can't find it; I have the installer and the CAB file.
    I can email them to you., just PM me.

    You can find it there:!_go
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