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    Folks, I was wondering if anyone had tried both SPB finance as well as Pocket Quicken? I have plans to sync theh 700W with Quicken, and was wondering if anyone had any opinions they would care to offer regarding features, stability, ease of use, etc. for each of these programs. I need to decide on one of them for the 700W platform. Thanks so much in advance for your help!
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    I can vouch for ease of use regarding SPB Finance. There is no other app on any platform that allows such a fast user friendly tool to enter on the go transaction info. One handed, barely looking at the screen, in less that 3 seconds I can input a debt as I'm walking away from the cashier.
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    I couldn't get SPB to sync w/Quicken 2007. So I installed demo of pocket Quicken. THAT doesn't sync correctly either, any transaction I add through the treo doesn't show up on my desktop, and ultimately gets erased. Perhaps there is an update for SPB I can try out.
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    hmm, guess I shouldn't upgrade from Quicken 2006 :-/
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    hmm, I just checked landware's website and it says it supports Quicken 2007.

    "Quicken Requirements

    "Quicken 99 through 2007 Basic, Deluxe, Home & Business or Premier (US/Canadian)
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    Yeah, it said the same when I downloaded it, wich is why I installed it...oh well
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    I've used SPB Finance on three different PDA's. I really like it, and think it is very easy to use. That being said, I have never tried syncing it with anything. (I back it up to a SD card)
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    I have figured out my issues and now Quicken 2007 DOES sync w/pocket quicken. I had to get to know the PC version a little better (I was used to using MONEY) but now that I have figured it out I have resolved the issue. So to the O/P, if you use Quicken on your PC then go ahead and try the demo of pocket quicken. Working great now!
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    I m using quicken 2004 on a PC and SPB finance on treo 700wx. when i sync'ed, treo could download the transaction from quicken, but it can't export what i entered on SPB finance. i couldn't find the log as to what is actually happening. does anyone have similar problem?


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