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    Hey all, I'm running PCS Bus Conn on a 700wx and wondering if anyone has discovered a way to shorten the way it appears (i.e. name of the account) on the Today page.

    Now it reads: "PCS Business Connection: 24 U" (the U for unread) which is to say it truncates due to the line length. Is there anyway to rename it something else, for example "Office Email"?

    And with PCS Bus Conn, it's not really Outlook E-Mail is it? That seems only to populate via cable.

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    wow I didnt know they were still updating that hacked together piece of code!
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    Actually biz conn works better on my wx than it has on any of my previous phones. Push works, runs pretty fast, synchs pretty fast as well; I was pleasantly surprised.

    And to gfuj, no its not really outlook mail, which you disable if you're using biz conn. It has its own "PCS Business Connection" menu under messaging.
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    But am I right in understanding that it's Sprint's only solution and that apart from it I'd have to sign up for someone like which wasn't worth "free" vs. $85+ per year.

    Verizon has a better client from what I understand, is Bus Conn the only Sprint option?
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    We have Sprint's Business Connect running on about 50 phones and rarely have problems at all. We are going on 4 years now.

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